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The inception of LearnVille traces back to 2004 when Ms. Carrie Taylor, alongside her family, was in search of afterschool programs for their son at the Alexander Science Center School in Los Angeles. Faced with a dearth of suitable options, they initiated ‘L.E.A.P.‘ (Learning Excites All People), a program designed to kindle a passion for learning among children. What began as a self-financed venture quickly garnered support from notable entities including the Michelle Obama Foundation, the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, Home Depot, Target, and Wells Fargo. This backing enabled L.E.A.P. to significantly broaden its reach, positively affecting over 3,000 CHILDREN DAILY across Los Angeles County.

Ms. Carrie Taylor’s efforts in this domain propelled her to the global stage as a speaker on social impact and the integration of technology in educational initiatives. A pivotal moment in her journey was a conversation with Gary Vee, who challenged her to scale her impact from thousands to hundreds of thousands.

In 2022, LearnVille was conceived. This mobile EdTech application, infused with AI technology, aims to democratize education by making it scalable, cost-effective, and, most importantly, equitable. By leveraging technology, LearnVille confronts issues such as the alarming 33% chronic absenteeism rate among U.S. students, which has led to numerous schools being shuttered.

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Our Founder & CEO

Carrie "Ms. NFTy" Lyn

Carrie “Ms. NFTy” Lyn is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in business management and development. Her unwavering passion lies in bringing her clients’ dreams to fruition, seamlessly intertwining personal and business successes. To her, clients aren’t just clients—they are family, and together, they build lasting achievements.

In 2021, Ms. NFTy recognized the imperative to educate the next generation in Web3, leading her to launch a groundbreaking Web3 educational program for foster youth in Los Angeles County. Joining forces with Magic E. Johnson as a partner and Web3 advisor, she later collaborated with Senator Bob Hertzberg in advocating for blockchain-based vital records in California, resulting in the passing of groundbreaking policy in September 2022.

As an integral part of the APE Coin DAO and WG0 (Working Group Zero), she plays a vital role in shaping the foundation of these organizations. Her innovative approach culminated in the birth of LearnVille, a Learn to Earn App in 2023, blending 14 years of proven techniques with cutting-edge Web3 technology. Currently onboarding inner-city high school students Nationwide. LearnVille is set to launch in 2024.

Reflecting on her journey, Carrie is an Asian American from Northern California, raised in a Chinese home that instilled the values of education, morals, ethics, and respect. Her educational path led her to UCLA paralegal school, Long Beach State for Accounting, and Harvard Business School online, specializing in Disruptive Marketing. Managing law firms and overseeing artists, brands, and community leaders, she ventured into the world of crypto in 2016, guided by her younger brother, leading to blockchain technology and ultimately transforming the lives of herself and her clients.

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The Learn✓ille Team

Daniel Saito
Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder
Arielle Caputo
Strategic Partnerships
Dr. Ghaz Samandari
Chief Impact Officer
Daniel Killeen
Business Development
Mikee Trompeta
Product Lead & Co-Founder
Jan Klas Huntellar