How it Works

Areas of Focus

The Problems

The following issues do more than just hinder the potential of countless individuals; they also cast a long shadow over the overall well-being and advancement of our communities. Addressing these challenges is essential for building a brighter future. It’s not merely a necessity; it’s an imperative for the flourishing of our collective society.

Chronic Absenteeism

Annual school funding loses $10.7 Billion due to absenteeism, in turn impeding academic progress and crucial life skills development in teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Mental Health & Bullying

Students grapple with challenges at home, in their communities, and schools, lacking essential tools to cope. This results in young adults struggling to navigate conflicts and emotions, fueling violence, misunderstandings, and inadequate responses to trauma.

Equitable Education

Underserved communities face scarce resources, subpar schools, and inadequate funding. Access to Core Life Skills and STEAM programs with cutting-edge technology is vital for future-proofing the next generations.

Key Statistics

Facts & Figures

1 in 4

Teens are diagnosed with a mental health condition


Increase in attendance after beta testing


Of teens with Depression do not have access to treatment

$11 Billion

In Lost Funding due to Chronic Absenteeism

Only 23%

Minorities are in STEM programs due to disparities in early education and prep courses


Do NOT have Financial Literacy (*CA High Schools)

Our Solution

The Student Experience

LV App Home

Check In

With the use of school wifi and NFC Chips, students will be able to TAP into class!

LV App Learn


Equitable access to Learn to Earn curriculum such as WEB3, Financial Literacy, Conflict Resolution and Limited Edition Challenge Courses.

LV App Earn


Students have their in App digital wallet to redeem points. Wallets will reflect all transaction history including balance, earned and redeemed rewards tokens.

LV App Spend

Rewards Shop

Rewards tokens are redeemable for Digital Gift Cards and Limited Edition Experiences.


Advantages and Key Features

Incentivized School Attendance

School and Class "Check In" points may be earned daily with bonus points for consistent milestone "streaks". These points are redeemable in the "Gift Shop"

STEAM Curriculum

Through interactive learning experiences and quizzes, students earn points and increase their chances of pursuing careers in STEAM, with an emphasis in WEB3 and AI, and securing better employment opportunities.

LearnVille, our innovative EdTech app, is designed to confront and surmount the profound challenges faced by inner-city youth. Seamlessly navigating these hurdles, LearnVille emerges as a catalyst for positive change, making a lasting impact across various critical metrics.

good work a little girl doing her homework in class with the teacher helping her
girl sitting at desk smiling

Life Skills Courses

Combined, our financial literacy, core life skills, conflict resolution and mental health awareness courses provide a better chance of cultivating and maintaining healthy life relationships.

Rewards "Gift Shop"

Points are redeemable for digital gift cards from some of their favorite brands. Through exciting partnerships with celebrities, brands and community leaders, we are able to award unique experiences for LEARNING


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